Thursday, July 26, 2012

Yard Sale Addict

I just finished mapping out my yard sale route for tomorrow.  I looked thru tons of ads and planned and plotted and felt my hopes rising. I keep thinking, "Maybe the next one will be the big one!"  Maybe I'll hit it big.  

Image from Zap2It 

It occurred to me that I'm probably thinking the same things a gambling addict thinks.  The stakes may not be as high for yard sale-ing, but the patterns and emotions are probably similar.  And I lose far more often than I win.  For every good yard sale, there are about 20 duds.

When gamblers win, they are hooked even deeper.  It's no different for a yard sale addict.  I've found THE MOST AMAZING THINGS at yard sales.   Quitting for me would be next to impossible.

Should I be looking into 12 step programs?  Is there any help out there for those of us addicted to yard sale-ing?  I'm only half joking. 


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