Thursday, January 8, 2009


Slipcovers protect furniture from kids, pets, husbands, pizza, and life. - Wolfcrik (You Tube)

Slipcovers will keep me from being featured on an episode of "Snapped" after looking at really ugly furniture for one day longer than I could stand. - Denise (First a Dream)

If you've think you might one day be tempted to make a slipcover, you really should take a look at the tutorial on Pink and Polka Dot! She calls it The Laziest Slipcover Tutorial Ever, but I call it the best slipcover tutorial ever! I've made a few slipcovers and I know it would have been easier if I'd had her tutorial. I really NEED to make some slipcovers for the hodgepodge of furniture now sitting in my den.

Karla's Cottage posted an idea for slipcovers with a twist. It involves the "crazy quilt layering of fabrics" inspired by the Magnolia Pearl book.

Here are some other lovely slipcover photos from the web. Unfortunately, I don't know where these photos originated, so I can give credit.


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