Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Organizing the Bathroom Closet

First - The beautiful print I won from Mary at Little Red House came today! It's beautiful! So serene and peaceful - exactly what I need right now! Winning that print was such a gift in so many ways.

Moving to a new house is quite an ordeal. We were at our last house for a little over 22 years. We have most of our things "home" now, but they are necessarily where they should be. Organizing is something I both want and need to do. I love organizing - so you'll hear no complaining! I'm going to carve out time for that as often as I can.

My latest accomplishment was making sense of our bathroom things. We have less storage space in our bathroom in this house right now, which means my first task was to pare down. That was easy enough. I was surprised at the number of old things I still had on hand - for instance, sunscreen that had to have been way beyond its expiration date. Then I grouped all the things I needed to store in the closet. Most everything was pretty well grouped already so that didn't take too long. Next I gathered bins and baskets that would fit the space in the tiny closet. I had plenty to choose from. Next I decided which items were best suited for each bin. and put them there. The final step, my personal favorite - label! You can see the results of my efforts below.

I still consider this a work in progress. I would prefer that everything match a little better. I may have a touch of OCD. Don't get me wrong, I am happy with the organization so far, but there is just something really nice about opening up a closet that's not only well organized, but pretty, too!

If you love organizing and are a bit of a neat freak, you'll LOVE this blog from Sweden - Chez Larsson. In fact, if you just wish you were neater, Benita's blog will inspire you. Be sure to go through lots of her old posts!


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