Monday, January 12, 2009

One Idea Leads to Another

Sitting down to catch up on my favorite blogs is seldom a straight path. I constantly get off track. The rewards for wandering are great, so this is one habit I don't plan on breaking.

This morning, I was reading the latest from Jane's Apron. What is it about old sewing patterns that evoke such wonderful feelings? Anyway, Miss Jane found a great source for seam binding - not in the little bitty packs - 100 yard spools! Its a shop on Ebay, called Zipperstop. So I had to go take a look there.

Back to Jane - she went on to tell about what she did with the binding she bought - she edged her dressed up clipboards. She sells them at her shop on Lollishops. I know about Etsy. What is Lollishops? I stopped over to peek at Jane's Lollishop. Then I checked out her clipboards where she used the seam binding and then her collages.
The collage is wonderful and it comes hanging from a french laundry hanger. Next I became obsessed with the hanger... a French Laundry Hanger. Anytime something is labeled French, it somehow sounds better. If these little cuties were just called Laundry Hangers, would they sound so special? No. Well I digress. I had to find these little gems. A quick Google search led me to Red Lead Paperworks. The hangers are only $4 each. Here's the description:

a French Laundry Hanger - The French Laundry Hanger is 5" long with 2 spring clips.Clip your favorite photos, artwork, atc's, scrap-pages, anything you can think of for instant home decor!

I have a ton of ideas for how to use these, starting with my office. I know they'd be naturally suited for my sewing area, but it's my office that begs for them.

Now, time to get back to Jane's Apron to catch up on another post! And then, I have a bunch more favorite blogs to check out.

Ooohhh. I can't blog long - I have to go to work. (I've come out of retirement, as of today.) How will I ever be able to do all the things I want to do? I don't know, but Tracy at Notes from a Cottage Industry will be my inspiration. I'd better go read up on her blog!


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