Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Energy and Time and Motivation Combine

Today has been a hodge-podge of random details, so my blog might as well follow suit.

First off, Donna saw the mystery plates I posted about yesterday and knew just what they were. They are snack plates. She said the cups probably went with them - that's what the little hole is for. She was right! They fit perfectly. Thank you Donna! The blogging world is amazing. Someone I've never actually met solves a puzzle for me.

Also, Linda thinks the plates and cups may go with the punch set she has. She'll take a closer look at the pattern in person. They really are pretty little plates. I wonder how many times they might have been used.

I left work early and dug up some sentimental plants from our old house. I dug up some of the Black-Eyed Susans my friend Mary gave me years ago. They've spread like crazy. I dug up what was left of the hostas. Some critter had eaten them down to nubs. They'll come back next year in their new home. I brought along one bit of lantana. Rudy loves them. He calls them the psychedelic flowers. I brought along some heuchera. That may not be spelled correctly, but it's close. They look like a bouquest of fall leaves. I got everything planted at our new house. I should have taken pictures, but didn't. That's just as well. They were looking pretty wilted. The yard is still so naked and sad. I need to be patient and just keep plugging along.

When I got home, my parents were working in the garden. I took a break (and so did they). Unfortunately, Dad had some sad news. He found out today that one of his friends had died unexpectedly of a heart attack yesterday. I won't dwell on that, but it sure is sad...

We are all really excited about how the garden is coming along.
We have small tomatoes already.

The beans are putting out little tendrils and beginning their summer climb.

And lastly, I made a very good dinner. That hasn't been happening much lately. I had a variation on BBQ chicken, squash casserole and green beans. Ru was thrilled. I didn't have BBQ sauce, was too hungry to make my own, so I pulled out the Braswell's. This stuff is like liquid gold. It's FABULOUS! I found it when looking for a Catalina-like dressing to use in my taco salad recipe. I wanted a dressing that did not have corn syrup or fructose or a bunch of ingredients I couldn't identify. I've experimented with other dressings and nothing comes close. Today, it was my BBQ sauce substitute and I may never go back to regular BBQ sauce again.

I love having a day when energy and time and motivation combine. Even the weather was on my side. I really accomplished a lot. Now I'm pooped.


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