Sunday, May 31, 2009

Garage Sale Bliss

I am addicted to garage sales. The fact that I keep finding such good things will keep my addiction going for ages. I like to go on Saturday mornings when the weather is nice. This weekend, the weather was fabulous. I had a hair appointment and was bummed because I wouldn't have much time. I checked Craig's List and found 2 sales that were on my way to the salon. No need to feel blue. These two sales were enough to make me wonderfully happy.

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First, let me explain that I have been looking at the above photo from Southern Living for well over a year. Why? The chair. The chair cushions. Two chairs with cushions I could slipcover with washable fabric would be perfect for our family room. I knew that one day I would find two chairs to fit the bill. I didn't know if they would be ladderbacks like the ones in the photo, but I knew the chairs I was meant to have would come to me one day.

Yesterday, I found my chairs waiting patiently for me at a garage sale.
They don't look very big in the photo above, but they are fairly large and heavy and wonderfully sturdy. They came from Ethan Allen. One was painted by the previous owner. She had been using them in two different rooms. No problem. I want to paint them both - black probably, but a deep, dark brown is a contending color. Now I need to get some cushions and make my slipcovers. I have so many projects waiting to be done, but this project just went to the top of the list.

Oh, and another blissful tidbit about the chairs - I got them both for a grand total of $25. Not a piece. Both. As in $12.50 per chair. Like I said, these chairs were just waiting for me to come pick them up.

I could have gone home happy at his point, but I had one more sale to stop by.

At the second sale, my big find was this vintage stool. It must have been waiting for me, too. The color matches my loft floors EXACTLY. The stool is heavy. It swivels. Not the annoying swivel that moves too easily. Not the irritating swivel that you have to force to move. This stool swivels perfectly just when you want it to. It's wonderful. It was 5 bucks. (I didn't even try to bargain on the price.) I'm using it as my sewing stool and it's the perfect height. Of course. After all, it was meant for me.

When I go to stores to buy things brand new, I have such a hard time finding what I want. And if I do find something, it's usually wildly expensive or it looks fine but is cheaply made. But if I'm patient, I usually find the perfect thing second hand for next to nothing.

My name is Denise and I am an addict.


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