Sunday, May 17, 2009

Papasan Providence

Papasans are kitschy at best. Many consider them to be out and out tacky. Not me. I love a good papasan. It's whole purpose is for curling up and getting really comfy. What's not to love about that?

I had planned to put two of them together on the screened porch off our bedroom. Those plans changed thanks to Mother Nature. We've had some humdinger storms the last couple of months. Hail, wind and tornadoes, torrential rains, rain that blows sideways. The crazy weather seems to always come in from the west. Here's a photo from a particularly interesting storm that blew in recently.

With each crazy storm, the bedroom porch got soaked. The kitchen porch on the east side stayed dry as a bone. The bedroom porch will have to have pieces that will hold up to crazy weather. Papasans will not work there. Original planned: overruled!

So, the 2 papasans went to the loft and it worked out as if it was meant to be. Destiny. Papasan Providence.

The papasans were nothing to look at uncovered. Orange and maroon. Yuk. But they were in good shape. And the orange cushion (a hand-me-down from Carly and Nancy) is down filled. Mmmmmmm.

I came across some fabric on Ebay that I hoped to used on the porch. It matched the loft floors and walls PERFECTLY! It pulled in some red, which I wanted more of. I have plenty of the fabric and it was just wide enough for the cushions. I made slipcovers for both cushions. They turned out great - wonderful fit, easy to get on and off. Here's a closeup of the back. The fabric colors show up best in this photo.

I put a very old trunk that had belonged to my grandmother in between. Once complete, I tested it out by curling up and reading a decorating magazine cover to cover. It passed the test.
I need to remember to stop being so impatient to get things looking right. Many of the plans I've had in my head have not worked out. But each time the alternate plan has turned out to be better than the original. With patience, the house will turn out just as it's meant to be. I want more patience and I want it NOW!


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