Saturday, May 16, 2009

Yard Sale Wreathes

I love yard sales. I've come across a number of amazing finds in the past. I find it far more fun to buy used than brand new. It's fun, creative, frugal, surprising, and good for the environment.

Today, among other things, I bought 2 wreathes. I think I paid about 50 cents for each. I set them down on the porch floor and immediately a crowd gathered to inspect the new finds.

The reddish one, I'll use at Christmas. It's in good shape and can pretty much be used as is. Well, almost. Sissy probably won't stay in the middle.
The other one had some awful pink flowers. The lady selling it said her daughter told her the colors were all wrong and she needed a new one. It took less than a minute to pull the pink flowers out and now it looks just fine. I should have taken a before picture so you could see what a difference it made. I may spruce it up just a little more (maybe some baby's breath?) and put it up soon. I'll hang it somewhere on the porch. I have lots of options.


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