Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Decor Report Card

I was dissatisfied with lots of my Christmas decor this year. Last year seemed full of possibilities. We were still in a mess so my expectations were low. I impressed myself just by decorating at all. This year, my expectations were higher, but too many things didn't seem to work. I feel a major Christmas collection clean-out coming on!

First of all, this tree is going to find a new home. It's too wide. It took up more room than I'm willing to give up in the space. Worse than that, it needs to be taken apart to get back in the attic. I want a skinny tree that I can take to the attic all in one piece. I want to be able to leave the lights on from one year to the next (until I change my mind about the style or color). It's a nice tree. Anybody looking for a 7foot tall, full-figured tree?

This is the last year we will use the Maxine draft dodger thingie. Life is crabby enough sometimes. I don't need a crabby character around. How did I ever end up with that stupid thing? Why have I hung onto it for so long? Maxine will go in the donate pile! Someone who enjoys her humor can have her. I feel better (less crabby) already.

And oh my word! The kitchen window ledge. Previously one of my favorite spots to decorate. I recorated that spot several times over. Each time looked worse than the time before.

I finally gave up.

Stay tuned. Next year, "God willing and the creek don't rise", will be better!


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