Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Upcycling a Goodwill Shirt

I found this crazy shirt at Goodwill. It looked so Christmas-y that I bought it without knowing exactly what I'd do with it. The fabric is 100 percent cotton and it's sooooo soft.

After laundering, the next step was to cut it apart and iron it.

I turned it into a stuffed shirt pillow. As far as pillows go, it's just OK. The buttons don't show up all that well. I thought about changing them, but that would involve changing the button holes and that's something I avoid at all costs! I put a contrasting green stripe fabric on the sides. That doesn't show up well, either.
I think it would be nice grouped with other Christmas-y pillows. It should probably be moved off this rocker as well. The color just doesn't pop against that cream and tan. On the positive side, I really enjoy making "stuffed shirt pillows"! Did I make up that name or have I heard it somewhere before? I have no idea!


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