Saturday, January 9, 2010

Y'all, It's Cold!

I live in Georgia. When it gets cold down here, we get excited. This week, we've had quite a cold spell.

We had a bit of snow, which meant that just before it came in, the grocery stores were a zoo! The bread and milk aisles were left empty. All the ingredients necessary for making chili were wiped out. Somewhere in the Georgia law books, it says that if it gets really cold, you must have a pot of chili on the stove.

The temperature seems to be staying way below what we thin blooded southerners are used to. What happened to global warming?

By the way, I sure am getting tired of my photos not being turned the right way. I rotated this one and saved it in my photo program, but apparently that's not good enough for Blogger!@#$!

Back to my story - It stayed so cold that our pond has frozen over solid. We threw some rocks onto the ice and it makes such an unusual sound - sort of a mix between a tuning fork and birds chirping.

I hope we get some more snow this winter! I have a feeling we will.


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