Sunday, January 31, 2010

Tasty Treats

I have had a number of homemade bread failures in the last few weeks. I decided to get to the bottom of it. In my trials I ran out of whole wheat. No problem. I have a grinder and a bucket of wheat seeds, which keeps forever if sealed properly. I did some grinding. If I grind wheat on a regular basis, I might get a little more tone in my forearms!

My issue was solved by just adding a bit more flour. I was reluctant to do that because the exact recipe worked beautifully for ages. I was afraid adding more flour would make it too heavy. Nope. It was fabulous! I put some sesame seeds on top this time in celebration of such a nice rise.

I made some banana nut muffins this week. I put them in these cute Valentine paper cups. The cups looked much brighter before cooking, but it still added to the enjoyment. It feels a little wasteful and un-green to use paper cups, but right now, I want extra joy in my life and I am not going to feel guilty. Really. I mean it.

Grapefruit was on sale this week. I bought a humongous bag. They are sooooo good. We have been eating them all weekend.
I did a lot more cooking this weekend, but didn't take photos of everything. I think I need to quit work so I can devote more time to cooking every day.


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