Thursday, January 14, 2010

Dish Mat becomes a Drawer Liner

I never was won over by the mat for my dish drainer. After a few days of trying to love it, I discovered that it happened to fit almost perfectly into one of my kitchen drawers.

My kitchen drawers were lined with that rubbery liner stuff. It looks nice - I love the deep red - but it just doesn't stay in place like I'd hoped. I did not want to tape or glue it into place. It had to be adjusted practically every time I used the drawer. Needless to say, it was on my list of annoying things I planned to do something about.

It stays in place and looks pretty, too. It won't need replacing like normal drawer liners because this one is completely washable. (Disclaimer: Just because the liners won't NEED replacing, doesn't mean that they won't be. Who's to say that somewhere down the road I won't end up with a scrap of fabric that would look just wonderful in those drawers?)

The new liner worked so well that I decided to make two more for the other drawers with the sliding-liner issue.
The new ones are not as fancy. I used only one fabric for the top. I didn't bother to put piping around the edge. All are backed with terrycloth and they sit right on the original rubbery liner.


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