Friday, January 7, 2011

Pink Booth at Rockin' B

I had fun yesterday, pulling together some quick looks for the feature booths at Rockin' B.  Jacque and Barbara were my partners in crime.  It came together pretty quickly once the idea took hold.  The plan was to do a garden room with a cream and pink armoire as a starting point.  After we had our plan mapped out, I found out that pink is the new hot color for 2011!

The area really is cheerful.  It's not quite complete - accessories will be fine tuned over the next few days.  Plus, as things sell, the booth will continue to change.  It's fun to watch how different it looks from beginning to end. The first change I hope to make is to put the lamp on the table inside the armoire.

Brunch, anyone?

We ran out of steam before we could accessorize this pretty hall tree properly.  The quilt and tablecloth will likely be used in another spot in the booth.

The pink shutter is from Cynthia's booth.  She has a wonderful decorating flair with a definite French / English touch.  Please say a prayer for Cynthia and her family.  Her husband of 27 years is in intensive care fighting for his life right now.  My heart is breaking for them all.

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