Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Inspired By... Meadowbrook and Her Friends

Right now, I am craving color!  Maybe it's because it's winter and everything is a bit dreary and dull. In fact, most of Georgia has been snowed/iced in for days. That's given me plenty of time at home for projects and blog browsing. I've really been inspired by some new-to-me bloggers whose homes are decorated with very colorful vintage items.  It all started with Teresa's blog, Meadowbrook Farm.

That's really her house and she really did take this photo!
 If you are into vintage or colorful cottage looks or pretty gardens or wonderful photography, then you, too, will love Meadowbrook Farm.  Rhoda at Southern Hospitality did a feature post on Teresa's blog and after seeing the photos in that post, I jumped over and read Teresa's entire blog. The whole thing.  All of it.  It took a while, and I didn't do it at one sitting, but I wanted to take the whole thing in.  It really got my creative juices going.  Here's a peak, but you MUST go to her blog to see everything full size and read her funny comments about everything.  

As if that weren't enough, Teresa posted about a few other blogs and now, I'm having trouble staying away from my computer.  One blog always leads to another.

Amy from Into Vintage makes pillows.  She sells to folks all over the country through her Etsy Shop Vintage Home.  While browsing her blog, I came across a post on the home of Karen, one of Amy's customer. Karen is really bold when it comes to vintage color.  I enjoyed looking through all the photos Amy posted and several really stood out me. 

The first that grabbed me was of a Hoosier painted a wonderful vintage green.  If you've read my blog, you know I love HoosiersOh My!  The cream colored one in my laundry room is in need of a paint touch up.  Or... Wow!  The wood colored one in my foyer is wood and I've always known it would look better painted!  Hmmmmm.  I may be in search of the perfect vintage green paint color in the near future.

In that same post was a photo of this wonderful ____ what do you call this?  I can't think of it.  The shelf thingie that goes nicely over wainscoting or bead board. This one also has coat hooks.  Usually the molding part is painted the same color as the wainscoting, but this one stands out, painted in that great vintage green.

Also, on May's blog, I came across a quote from Edie at Life in Grace - "if there’s one key that I’ve found to getting lots done in a day, it’s staying home. Try staying home five whole days in a row and you’ll be amazed what you’ll find to do!"  That's a great quote.  I treasure days at home.  Since the roads are unfit for travel,  I'm getting a lot done (posts coming soon).  I would get even more done, if it weren't for all these great blogs!

Here's another blog I was led to - Jen at The Cottage Nest lives in a wonderful Norman Rockwell-ish town in Indiana called, The Village.   I love-love-loved looking at photos of her town.  I fantasized the whole time about being one of her neighbors.

Jen is, like me, a collector of inspiration photos.  She scatters them throughout her blog, and boy-oh-boy, she has some good ones.  Here's one that I found interesting.  The color is more subtle than the decor I've been admiring the last few days, but I still find it very appealing.   Decorating ADD.  Is there hope for me?

Here's one of her bedroom inspirations picture that I find dreamy.

Ok.  Seriously.  That is enough.  I have got to stop and do something productive. 
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