Monday, January 10, 2011

Urban Industrial Booth + Vintage Suitcase Inspiration

I had a wonderful post all written up about how much fun it was to work on the urban industrial feature booth at Rockin' B, where I rent a booth.  It was full of wonderful comments and insights.  I had it saved as a draft and then when I came back to edit it, the whole thing disappeared. UGH!  It's done that before and I've always been able to get it back, but this time, I hit one wrong button and the whole thing was gone... forever.  I'll put the photos back up but you'll just have to imagine my comments and insights.  If I wrote what I was really thinking right now, a bit of bleeping might be required!

You can still read some of what I wrote on Rockin' B's blog, which I also write for, plus there's more photos of the booth.  The comments on that post, even though they are also written by me, were from a different point of view - the retail version.  My post here, had some behind the scenes details.  Oh well.  May all my problems be so small.

The booth was fun to work on.  I got to pretend I was young and chic and hip (I'm not referring to my weight).

The Rockin' B post also includes the inspiration collage below that I put together from photos within a great post by Elements of Style about vintage suitcases.  Wow!  She really found some great examples!


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