Sunday, January 2, 2011

Van Byars New Year's Auction

Woo-Hoo!  I rang in the New Year with gusto!  I spent the day (and I mean that literally) at the Van Byars New Year's Day Auction in Hogansville.  This is my second time at this particular auction and I really love it.  

Hogansville is a pretty little town.  I plan to explore it further, hopefully later this week.  There are antique stores, thrift stores, hardware stores (with every kind of knob and furniture hardware that you can imagine). The folks are really nice - I met a number of the store owners at the last two auctions.  

By the way, all these photos were taken with my new phone.  My phone may actually have a better camera than my camera.  

Van Byars posts photos of many of their items on their web site.  I studied that for days.  I was looking for things that would look good and sell in our booth at Rockin' B.  Well, that was my plan.  I ended up getting more for me than to sell. 

The place was loaded with items up for auction.  The picture doesn't show it all, but it's the best I could do in one shot.

Several of the booth renters from Rockin B were there.  My booth-mate, Martie and her husband, Bob were there. We got there at about the same time.  I think this photo of them turned out great. Martie, by the way, had a lot of luck at the auction.  She got a absolute zillion fabulous small items at great prices. Some she's keeping.  Some will be put in the booth.

Bob (another Bob - not Martie's husband) was there, too. He bought some amazing pieces!!!  His wife, Pam, was home sick.  Lots of bugs are going around these days.  I hope she's feeling better.

My big ticket item was this hutch.  When looking at the online photos, I was sure that if I got it, I would paint it. I changed my mind when I saw it in person.  My DH and I really liked it online.  We love beefy pieces with simple lines. Someone sitting near told me it was made by a man named Tony Brown.  He was there at the auction and had on an orange hat.  I never saw him.

I paid more than I had hoped for this sucker.  The New Years auction has become very popular, which is great for the sellers, but it sure did strain my wallet.  

I bought a number of small things.  I bought a "lot" that included a bunch of glass eggs (that's what I was after), pottery, a ceramic dog, some weird pot from Venezuela, and a wooden egg that opens up.  I bought another tray that included 3 heavy bird statues.  I also won a couple of Pyrex bowls. 

I won two bird pictures - one an oil painting and the other a needlepoint. I'm keeping them both. They are already on my wall!  You'll see photos of those in another post this week along with a few other odds and ends that I won.   

There were a good many other things that caught my eye that I didn't win.

They had two Remington bronzes.  These were cast from the originals - there is a limited number of those.  They had been appraised. The larger of the two was estimated to be at least worth $2500.  At auction, the big one went for $425 and the small one for $200.  What an amazing deal!!!!

Oh.  I almost forgot - Jason from The Auctioneers on the Discovery Channel was one of the guest auctioneers.  A total of three auctioneers took turns.  It's a good thing - the auction was quite long - 5 1/2 - 6 hours of actual auction time.

I really was hoping the table above would go for a good price.  It would have made the coolest kitchen island ever.  It went for $170, which would not have been bad if I'd been buying it for myself.   The saw table pictured above right went for $245.  I was shocked at that. It was old and cool, but still...

I liked these two pieces but they went pretty high.  

I wanted this platter real bad.  It went for $27.50 to a lady named Jackie.  I could have slapped her.  She liked everything I did and got just about all of it.  The auctioneers knew her by name.  I do too, now. I regret not going a little higher on this platter.  Those are my colors.  It goes with a pitcher I have.  It was supposed to be mine.  Now, if I want it, I'd have to go to Jackie's shop and buy it for probably $60 or more. In my fantasy, at the next auction I offer Jackie a few pieces of chocolate candy (Chocolate Ex-Lax candy).  I wouldn't really do such a thing, but I can entertain myself for hours thinking of all the things I could do if I were no so sweet.  :-)

The items above went for prices way above my limit.  The bookcase went for $90.  It was such a simple piece.  Benches were really hot, too. There were at least 4 there and folks were bidding like mad for them.

These items were wonderful and they went for prices that were reasonable.

I had really hoped to get at least one of the sewing chests.  They had old sewing things in them, too.  The lighter colored one was my favorite.

What's funny is, I had been really worried about how I would keep my booth stocked once yard sale season was over.  I'm not worried anymore!


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