Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Cynthia Moves to a New Booth

My new friend (who feels like a friend I've known for ages), Cynthia, moved to a new booth.  The new booth is about a foot or so wider and that foot makes all the difference in the world!  The new booth is also at the end of an intersection of aisles, which gives it greater visibility and the light is really nice.  This move has given her a much needed lift.  

What really amazes me is how fast she was able to move everything from one spot to another and come up with a completely different, beautiful arrangement.  It took her less than two hours I think.  Gee, maybe it took one.  I don't know for sure, but it was fast.  This girl is good! 

Her booth has a bit of a European flair - French and English.  She has a blog, too, which is always beautiful - A Love of the Past.  You'll love it, I know.

There are a few more things you may need to know about Cynthia before you look through these photos.  One - she is a breast cancer survivor, with two years of being cancer free.  Two - She just lost her husband and love of her life.  Less than a month ago.  She's still reeling from that loss.  She is just beginning to move about in the world and hasn't quite found her footing yet, but this new booth is, maybe,  a glimmer of light in her life.

Here are some photos of her booth.  Enjoy!  And when you're done, if you have a moment to spare, visit her blog and leave her a comment!

When I admired these eggs, Cynthia tried to give me some.  I couldn't take them.  I nearly bought the bird and eggs, but couldn't do that either.  They looked so pretty in her booth.  If they're still there in a week or so, I'll probably give in, but for now, they are there to make her booth a special place.  I'm not much of a business woman, am I?


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