Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Inspired By... C. Dianne Zweigg

I was browsing through some old posts on C. Dianne Zweig and came across a couple of fun ideas.  Check out this dining room cabinet makeover -

The glass sides were missing and they replaced them with chicken wire! I love it!  It makes the piece seem so much more friendly!  I am a casual girl and being around things that are too fancy makes me nervous.  My nerves would be just fine with this piece!  I see similar cabinets at auctions and sometimes they are pretty beat up.  Next time I see one, I'll do my best to bring it home!

In another post, a curvy fence rail section is used to display framed art and trays.
 That's not the kind of rail that you can find just anywhere, but you can bet I'll be paying a lot more attention to all the rails I see in the future.

For my final ode to Dianne Zweigg, check out her post on Cottage Style Shelves.  There's something wonderful about re-purposing. It makes my heart flutter!

This is totally unrelated, but who cares.  The weather in Georgia is amazing right now.  Yesterday, it was in the low 70's at my house.  Doors and windows were open.  Gentle breezes wafted through the house, taking the stale winter air with it. Daffodils are blooming up the hill near our driveway gate.  I have the most acute case of Spring Fever ever!  Today's forecast - Sunny - 68 degrees.  A look at the 10 day forecast shows more of the same with just enough rain to keep the pollen from becoming unbearable.  Oh, honey, it's fabulous!!!!!


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