Monday, February 7, 2011

Gettin' Nekked

Did that title scare you?  You'll be happy to know that it's referring to my booth, not me!  My booth (actually, I should say OUR booth - I share with Martie and Beth) had to be rearranged twice this weekend because two big pieces sold.


I got a call Saturday saying my sweet little cream hutch sold.  When a piece of furniture sells, all the smalls are taken off and put somewhere (sometimes on the floor if there's not another surface available) and there's a big gaping whole of nothing left in the booth.  That's a good problem to have.  Sales are good!   Change is good.

Yesterday afternoon I went over and did some rearranging to give the booth "balance". I borrowed a bakers rack just to have another place to relocate some of our smalls.    The new bakers rack works fine for now. I like that it's white and the shape and size worked great.   It was lucky that there was one on hand to borrow!  It was missing the bottom piece of glass so I propped some containers on the bottom. 

The white bakers rack is not what people see first as they come down the aisle. They see the dramatic black hutch.  I love how it draws your eye and invites you in. 

It was almost closing time, the booth looked good and I was getting close to going home when we got a call.  A customer wanted to know if the black hutch was still there.  She wanted it and was coming to get it.  She and her husband would dash right over and get it before closing time.
Oh Dear...  SOLD!!! 

OMG.  Nekked booth!  By the way, I know the correct spelling is naked, but for some reason, we Southerners get a kick out of saying nekked.  It's more fun.

There was no time left to think about focal points and drawing your eye and lovely vignettes.  I had to fill the space and find something to put all that stuff on! Amazingly, there was one more bakers rack not being used.  Those racks are almost constantly in use and to be able to have access to two of them at one time was very lucky!!!

It looks like I'm going to 
need to find some big pieces!
Fun, Fun, FUN!


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