Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Inspired By...

I am a messy internet surfer.  At the end of any given surfing session, I'll have a bunch of tabs open waiting for me to do something with them - save photos, link to my blog, read more, bookmark, or something.  At some point I stop to clean up the mess and that usually involves creating an Inspired By post.  Today, I have a bunch of tabs and it's time to clean them up and link them up here.

I love galvanized buckets and containers.  I don't know why.  I just do.  My heart went pitty pat (oh boy, does that sound corny) when I saw this one from Reloved Rubbish.  She needed to transplant a boxwood to a larger container.  She put it in a large plastic liner and then put that into the bucket and covered the top with moss.

Apron Thrift Girl is hosting a Reseller's Listing Challenge all month.  It's meant to motivate us to focus and sell things online - on Ebay, Etsy, or whatever. Each Tuesday in February, you can link up and share your progress.  I have some things that are not appropriate to my booth that I've been meaning to sell.  I have some other priorities right now, but I can come back to this later for inspiration, even if it's too late to join the party.  Am I the only one who goes to the party long after it's over?  She also has a good post on why she decided to reopen her Ebay store.

I have just discovered RoboJunker.  I have looked through her Quick Projects page and found so much inspiration that I needed to make a collage. She has rounded up tons of ideas (her own and others) for turning what some might call junk into something cool and useful.   I can't close her tab yet, because there are so many other topic pages to explore.

I stumbled across Junk Revolution Community and was hooked. It's a great place for junkers and thrifters and vintage lovers.  I'm always on the lookout for inspiration for decorating my booth and this topic - Let's See Some New Booth Pictures - really grabbed my attention.  Blossom (Greta) is one of the members.  She has a booth at an 8000sf mall.  She posted photos from a number of interesting booths there.  Apparently, she is drawn to the same looks that catch my eye.  I loved her photos.

Here's a fun redo from Lucy Designs.  She turned a plain red bench into a bench that looks like it was made from coffee shipping crates.  Her post includes lots of details on how she made it. I love that the bench has built in storage.  She added the casters and if you know me, you know I love putting big pieces on rollers - it makes rearranging a breeze.  Great post.  Great idea.  Great bench. 

My internet tabs are now under control, so that's all for today! 


  1. That made me giggle a bit, I do the same thing! I love that bench, what a great idea it turned out beautiful! I love internet surfering!! :)

  2. Glad you found Junk Revolution--I've been a member since it's inception. What a great place to sit and talk junk. Love your blog. It's now one of my "favorites" and I'll be visiting often. LuAnn

  3. thanks so much for the feature on my bench! I'm loving your blog, I'm your latest follower.
    thanks again

  4. Thank you for featuring my galvanized bucket!

    I am your newest follower:)




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