Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Inspired By...

I am a messy internet surfer.  At the end of any given surfing session, I'll have a bunch of tabs open waiting for me to do something with them - save photos, link to my blog, read more, bookmark, or something.  At some point I stop to clean up the mess and that usually involves creating an Inspired By post.  Today, I have a bunch of tabs and it's time to clean them up and link them up here.

I love galvanized buckets and containers.  I don't know why.  I just do.  My heart went pitty pat (oh boy, does that sound corny) when I saw this one from Reloved Rubbish.  She needed to transplant a boxwood to a larger container.  She put it in a large plastic liner and then put that into the bucket and covered the top with moss.

Apron Thrift Girl is hosting a Reseller's Listing Challenge all month.  It's meant to motivate us to focus and sell things online - on Ebay, Etsy, or whatever. Each Tuesday in February, you can link up and share your progress.  I have some things that are not appropriate to my booth that I've been meaning to sell.  I have some other priorities right now, but I can come back to this later for inspiration, even if it's too late to join the party.  Am I the only one who goes to the party long after it's over?  She also has a good post on why she decided to reopen her Ebay store.

I have just discovered RoboJunker.  I have looked through her Quick Projects page and found so much inspiration that I needed to make a collage. She has rounded up tons of ideas (her own and others) for turning what some might call junk into something cool and useful.   I can't close her tab yet, because there are so many other topic pages to explore.

I stumbled across Junk Revolution Community and was hooked. It's a great place for junkers and thrifters and vintage lovers.  I'm always on the lookout for inspiration for decorating my booth and this topic - Let's See Some New Booth Pictures - really grabbed my attention.  Blossom (Greta) is one of the members.  She has a booth at an 8000sf mall.  She posted photos from a number of interesting booths there.  Apparently, she is drawn to the same looks that catch my eye.  I loved her photos.

Here's a fun redo from Lucy Designs.  She turned a plain red bench into a bench that looks like it was made from coffee shipping crates.  Her post includes lots of details on how she made it. I love that the bench has built in storage.  She added the casters and if you know me, you know I love putting big pieces on rollers - it makes rearranging a breeze.  Great post.  Great idea.  Great bench. 

My internet tabs are now under control, so that's all for today! 


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