Sunday, July 3, 2011

Quick Look at the New Booth

I stopped by Rockin' B for a photo session yesterday.  It had to be super fast since hubby and I were on our way to the grocery store.  I wanted him to see the new booth. It was a little messed up here and there, but there was no time to fluff.

The new booth is 5 feet wider and that 5 feet makes a world of difference!

This is our first style and it will definitely be finessed and improved on, but it looks pretty good as is.  Our goal for last Friday was to get everything moved and set up before closing time.  Martie and I made it... barely. There was no time left over to play around.

Once we had moved all the shelves and smalls to the perimeter, we set up Martie's table in the front as the base for a sewing vignette.  We didn't put a whole lot on it so the smalls wouldn't block the view of the table, which needs to be seen well in order to sell.  It's a great table - a pale gray.  It looks like some things have already sold from the vignette.  There was a vintage iron on top of the ironing board. I don't see it in any of these photos.  And it seems like there was something else, but I can't think what. 

The right side is the least visible side as you approach the booth.  Good thing because all those linens are a mess! They were neat when we left on Friday.

We have two bakers racks on the right and another on the back wall.  Folding bakers racks are fabulous for a fast spot to put smalls when a large cabinet sells, but they are not the best for long term small displays.  A shelf unit holds so much more, uses vertical space better and you don't have to worry about things falling between the bars.  We'll be on the lookout for better shelves or cabinets to replace these racks.

We seem to have a ton of fruit-and-vegetable-colored kitchen and dining items.  We grouped those together on the back wall.  

I didn't take a good photo of the left side, darnit!  The tall shelf is filled with blue and white items, the second shelf has lots of red, white and blue things and apple dishes.  We put a linen display in the corner.  The photos are a bit disappointing.  They really don't get across the pops of colors and the spaces here and there that invite you to come closer for a better look. 

We bought the rug from Cynthia on Friday.  She didn't have room for it in her new smaller booth and I knew it would look great with our concrete floors.  It has a few bumps here and there from being folded, but we hope to make use of some double sided tape next week to help it lay flat.  By the way, I'm so glad we didn't paint the floors.  I love the simplicity of the concrete. 

Speaking of painted floors, another vendor snapped up our old booth.  She was already moving in!
My goodness, our old booth looks so much smaller.


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