Friday, February 5, 2010

Words in Bold

When I read blogs, usually the pictures are what draw me in - a great room, an intriguing craft tutorial, a garden idea, a tablescape...

When I read the posts, sometimes the words jump out at me. They may not be in bold print, but they feel bold. You know what I mean?

Here are a couple of examples of things that felt bold recently:

From Funky Junk Interiors:
In a perfect world, I had envisioned two identical slip covered wing backed chairs. However, as always, my finds lead me to where my room takes me. I work with what I have, and modify my plans to incorporate the new more productive find.

Oh my, I could be friends with her! I just don't like buying new or planning too much. I try to plan, but it's just not fun. I much prefer letting treasures find me. When I see something I LOVE, I can usually find a spot for it.

This post also has a link to Cottage Instinct's amazing post HERE on finding your loves. It's a great post!

From Heart of Light:
I would rather be a company ready person than a person with a company ready house.

Words to live by!
Ok. That's enough. Now I really need to get up and be productive.


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