Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A New Face in the Crowd

This is... name to be determined.

He found us today. I spotted him about a half mile away from our house as I was on my way to work this morning. He seemed to have a little limp. Then I thought about how awful it was that he was out in such cold weather. About that time, we locked eyes. It was quite eerie. I almost stopped and got him then and there, but we were near houses and I figured that surely he belonged to somebody and that somebody would not want to see me kidnapping their dog. So I went on to work.

When I got home, my husband had just pulled in the drive and this little dog had come over to him as he opened the gate. He found us. We drove down the driveway and little what's-his-name followed us on in.

The first order of business was food - he was really, really hungry. Next, he needed to do some socializing. That went without a hitch. He is not aggressive in the least. He's very nice with our dogs and cats... a real gentleman.

He's getting a little shut-eye every chance he has. This is one worn out little pup.

If we don't see any lost dog signs real soon, he''l be a full-fledged member of the family. I will be really surprised if someone is looking for him.

What can we name him? Rudy's first thought was Whitey, but that's so predictable. He needs something more dignified. Our poor babies too often end up with the stupidest names just because we get used to their temporary name. I hope we come up with a decent name soon!


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