Friday, February 12, 2010

Snow Day!

Yipeeeeeeeeeee! I love snow. I didn't go in to work today. All of the schools were closed in anticipation of the snow, which was supposed to start around 9.

At noon there was still nothing. But once it did come in, it really put on a show. It's still coming down as I write. According to porch rail deposits, we have a little over two and half inches.

I went for a walk a little while ago. I should have gone earlier, but I ended up taking a very serious nap. Buddy and Lulu and our new baby, Jack, went along.

SIDE NOTE ON THE DOG'S NAME: My niece's youngest boy is named Jack and we are awaiting his permission to use the name. At family events, we would need to refer to our four legged baby as Jack Jr. The two legged Jack could be Jack Sr. If Jack Sr. decides he doesn't want a dog named after him, then other names being considered are Duke and Chester.

Now, back to the walk. I took lots of pictures. I edited pretty well but still have lots to share.

First we all went to the lake. So pretty...

The babies spotted some friends on the other side of the fence.

Moving on... Everything must be inspected.

Jack was a bundle of energy. He LOVED the snow!

This is the gate at the end of the driveway.
It's a pretty view no matter what the weather

Buddy was quite happy with the snow. The cold was NOT a problem.

The pasture... very serene.

...until the babies cut loose.

Back home.

Running home.

Buddy had to run back to me. Buddy is a definite mama's boy and is a little concerned about Jack. He likes Jack but wants to make sure Jack doesn't take his place as top dog by my side. In fact, Buddy is sitting right by my chair as I type.

Here's one more because I couldn't resist ... early evening looking towards the barn.


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