Sunday, July 31, 2011

Eat Cake!

Eat Cake brings up a number of hidden meanings.  On the downside, there's the tacky quote Marie Antoinette was supposed to have uttered in regards to the starving peasants - "Let them eat cake."  It turns out that she didn't really say that.  Ahhh, history.....  Once accused, the charge sticks.

On the upside, Eat Cake seems to mean celebrate and enjoy life.  I'll go for that, however, the last thing I need to do is actually eat cake.  I am determined to drop some weight. 

That's fine by me because I've found something related to eating cake that I like even better - vintage cake carriers.  I have found two in the last two weeks. 

First, I found this beauty by Regal.  The top locks on with a couple of turn lock mechanisms.  It's aluminum.  I love the rings around the bottom of the cover.  This carrier reminds me of all the wonderful cake bakers in my past.

Then yesterday I came across this one -
It's stainless steel and is a twist-lock style.  It looks exactly like the 1950's-60's Everedy ones.  It has the exact same USA brand on the bottom.  But - it doesn't say Everedy.  It was really dirty, but in good shape. It's shorter than the first one, but heavier.  I still like the first one best - it looks older and more like the ones from my childhood.

Now I don't really need two cake carriers or do I?  An idea took hold of me as I was looking these up on Ebay.  I kept coming across really pretty cake carriers in all sorts of colors and shapes.  Maybe I need to start a collection!  I could put them on top of my kitchen cabinets.  Maybe my friend Nicole (Queen of all things Retro Kitchen) would help me watch for them. 

I'm not the only one who is smitten with cake carriers. I came across this collage on The Kitchn.  She found these beauties on Ebay.

And I've always loved the Eat Cake letters in Tina's kitchen as seen on her blog - Cherry Hill Cottage.

By the way, I've been thinking about removing the doors below my sink and skirting it.  I don't have a farmhouse sink, but I love the extra something a skirt under the sink adds.

Now, go eat cake!


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