Friday, July 15, 2011

Some Big Pieces in the Booth

I have been super busy and have so much catching up to do on this blog.  I'm not even go to bother to post in order.  I'm just going to catch up randomly.  I'll start with some new pieces I bought for my booth.

The previous post from a week ago shows photos of our new larger main booth.  I'm thinking it needs a name.  We call our white booth The B Hive.  We call our first booth our primary booth.  I also used to call it Booth 188, but we actually have two numbers now - 188 and 488.  It's very confusing and all of those names are really dull!  Anyway, once we moved the PB (Primary Booth) over to the new larger space, we had all sorts of extra space.  And suddenly, I came across loads of big pieces.  The booth is fairly full again!

My major find were three beautiful oak pieces.  A lovely army family was moving out of state and downsizing.  They had a sale and I was lucky enough to find it.

I wanted to keep all three pieces, but ended up keeping just the vintage fireplace mantle.  They had used it to create a faux fireplace at a number of Army base homes. They put a screen in front of it and made it look quite real.  When their friends would come over, they would all ask how they'd been lucky enough to get a base home with a fireplace.  Knowing some of the stories behind this mantle will make it even more special.  I'm so glad I'll be able to keep it.

I don't have a fireplace and have been really wanting to try a faux look.  I've seen some amazing faux fireplace looks on blogs and even did a post on that topic last November.  It's a great post with some wonderful inspiration photos.   I'll be revisiting it when I make final decisions on setting this one up.

For now, the mantle is sitting upside down on our bedroom floor.  I rotated the photos so you could get a better idea of how it looks.  On the inside of the mantel, they used a faux brick panel. It has a bit of it torn off, but that doesn't bother me because I'm thinking of a different treatment.

The mantle details are really pretty.

It looks like I'll have a place to hang my stockings this Christmas!

The other two pieces I very reluctantly put in my booth.  I hope they find a wonderful home because I really, really, really fell in love with the previous owners.  So now, this sale is personal.  Am I the only one who does that?  I'm doing it a lot lately.  I may need therapy.

This oak icebox was placed front and center in the booth.  It's a great piece and has obviously been well cared for. 

The chest of drawers is in the back, but it's actually in a very nice spot - it's not being hidden, for sure.

This photo was taken several days ago and the area around the chest has been tweaked a bit since then.  I tried to put a few things on the chest to create a nice vignette, but left it sparse enough that the beauty of it still showed.  It has a slight curve to it.  Oh, my goodness.  I wish I had been able to keep it.  Even now, I'm thinking I'd like to bring it back home and move something else out.  My hubby would not be amused.  He'd have to be the moving man and he doesn't come cheap!

When we went to pick up the pieces, I ended up getting a tour of the lady's house and seeing some of her other vintage items.  While looking at a fabulous Hoosier, I spied some fabulous tea towels. They had belonged to her husband's grandmother, but her husband had no interest in them.   I'm a sucker for vintage linens and tea towels are my favorites.  I seldom use new dish towels any more.  She was willing to part with some of them and I came home with two tea towels and a pretty tablecloth (oops - I forgot to take a photo of the tablecloth).  They will be loved and used by me! 
I will think of my lovely Army family every time I use them.


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