Saturday, July 23, 2011

Fire King - Primrose Pattern

I found two pieces of Fire King in the Primrose pattern.  This pattern has a red, pink and grey floral design on a white milk glass (Anchorwhite) background.  It was popular in the 1960's.
My find consisted of just two pieces - a 2 quart casserole and a sugar bowl without the lid.

I noticed the brand mark on the bottom of the casserole is backwards.  Is that how it's supposed to be???  Apparently so.  I found this online on SPGlass's Fire King FAQ page-

Q: I have a pie plate with the Fire-King logo written backwards. Is this unusual or rare?

A: Unusual? A little.  Rare? Definitely not.  Some logos were intended to be read looking down, through the glass.  When such a mold was used with an opaque slag, such as white, ivory or jade-ite, the backwards logo made less sense. 


Stella from Our Vintage Life has a great collection of this pattern. 
She also has a wonderful little article on the Primrose Pattern.  I learned from her blog that this pattern was only produced from 1960 to 1962. 

Even though this pattern was only made for a few years, you can still find them and they aren't all that pricey.  Click here to see primrose pieces on Ebay.


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