Friday, July 22, 2011

Hutches with No Doors

Last week I did a bit of antique browsing in Hogansville, GA.  One piece that I keep thinking about is a hutch with no doors on the bottom. 

It was painted green inside and out.  It was old.  There had been doors at one time - you could still see the holes where the hinges had been. I really liked the look and I sure do wish I had taken a photo.

It caught my attention because I was looking for ideas for displaying smalls in my booth.  Having an open bottom allows for more display space.  The more I think about the door-less hutch look, the more I like it for booth AND home. 

Than, this morning, while browsing some blogs I follow, I came across a link to this fun piece. 
It's from B & B's Nest.  She bought it to use in her flea market booth.

Here's a hutch top used as a stand alone with no doors.
from All That Jazz Vintage

I searched for a bit trying to find other hutches with no doors on the web.  No luck.  Here are some other wonderful, chippy hutches (with doors) I came across.

Junk Fest married two separate pieces to create this hutch.

High Street Cottage - Her husband found this fabulous piece at a pharmacy.

And finally... this is not technically a hutch, but from a post I ran across while searching for pretty hutches.  The whole post has fabulous photos from a visit to Northwind Perennial Farm.
From an Urban Farmgirl post


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