Tuesday, July 26, 2011

New Treasures - Side Tables

My thrifting lately has rewarded me with two great side tables.

Before I show you the tables, I need to point out a few disclaimers (excuses).

Disclaimer 1: The family room is not a room I am satisfied with in terms of decor.  It's a major work in progress with all sorts of limitations.  First of all, hubby insists that Lazy Boys (the old fashioned, hideously large, overstuffed style) are a must have and they must be positioned in a certain way in front of a television. Remotes and phones and such need to be close at hand.  He doesn't interfere with too much in terms of decor in other parts of the house, so it's only fair that I meet this request.  In order to make a Lazy Boy look right in this room right in front of the TV, believe it or not, I got two Lazy Boys and made a grouping.  It's comfy, but definitely not my style!

Disclaimer 2: We live in a zoo.  We have dogs and cats and they rule our life.  Living with pets requires certain concessions.  Delicate fabrics or knick-knacks are out of the question.  Light colors are asking for trouble.  Slipcovers are a pet owner's best friend.

Disclaimer 3:  Even with all the limitations, I am confidant that one day I'll get this room looking pretty danged good.  It just hasn't happened yet.  I hate buying new - it's not much fun.  I'm going slow and acquiring interesting pieces from yard sales, estate sales, auctions and other thrifting.  That takes time!   A good many things in the family room are make-do pieces.  I know I'll find something better one of these days.

Sooooooooooooo ------Please don't judge my decorating ability by this room! 

The first table is a retro beauty from 1946.  I know the exact year because it had belonged to the mother of the lady I bought it from.  Her mother had bought it when she first married in 1946.  So the table has a known history.
That's Dolly posing in the chair.
One more disclaimer - I haven't had time to put the finishing touches on the table decor.  First order of business - I'm considering lots of options for containing things on that shelf.  And the lamp - I love the vintage base, but the shade really isn't working.  It's another make-do.  Also - the red caddy under the table holds pet toys.  I want something more stylish for that.

I fell in love with this table at first sight and that baffles the heck out of me.  I usually like beat up, sturdy, hunky, chippy pieces.  This one has modern retro lines. It does have a bit of wear and tear, but nothing even close to "beat up".  It has a maple finish, which I generally like to cover with paint.  I appreciate that style, but it's not a look I typically swoon over.  But, swoon I did and I continue to swoon as I look at it in my house.  I'm thinking it must have some sort of magic.  That's the ony way I can explain it.
If you look closely, you'll see Lulu peeking out from behind the shelf.  Don't look too closely - you'll see tattered upholstery and dust bunnies.

Regardless of the style, the size and proportions are so much better in the room than the smaller make-do table we'd been using. This table is quite large for a side table - about 30 inches square.   Hubby wishes it were a tad shorter.  I told him he could cut the legs down a bit if he wanted.  He seemed satisfied with that.  Meanwhile, he really likes the table, too, and I hope the leg-cutting thing is something he'll never get around to.

I had always thought I'd have a painted table between the chairs, but I don't think it would be right to paint this one.  It would take away from the look.  That's surely more proof of the magic in this chair - I'll paint most anything!

The second table I found is one that I planned to sell in my booth.  It needs just a bit of TLC under the shelf.  Not much, it's it pretty great condition overall.  Hubby is fairly busy right now, so I knew the TLC wouldn't happen for a couple of weeks.  Meanwhile, I decided to put it someplace where it would be highly visible (and not forgotten by Hubby) but wouldn't be in the way.  Well, when I put it in this corner, my plans for it changed.  I really like it there.  I may one day come across a piece that's better for the spot, but this is definitely a make-do upgrade! 

Sissy (the sweetest, smartest kitty on earth) approves!


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