Saturday, March 17, 2012

Lazy Day

Our babies certainly know how to make the best of a lazy day.  They also know how to lay claim to the best spots in the house. 

Little Bit
Sissy is exhausted.  She helped me do some bookkeeping today.  Then I turned on the TV and Animal Planet (her favorite channel) was showing a special on the cutest kittens of 2010.  Sissy went wild over that program.  By the way, Sissy is not a cat.  She is a human trapped in a cat's body.  I'm convinced.

Annabelle's favorite spot is Rudy's lazy-boy.  She sneaks into it every chance she gets.
It doesn't show well but Annabelle is wet from her swim in the pond.  She had a roll in the mud after that.  I'm really glad that chair pad is under her!

Sweet Sadie
Sadie feel strongly about the big dog bed in front of a big sunny window.  Unfortunately, Lulu (not shown) feels strongly about that bed as well.  Whoever claims it first, gets it.  For that reason, sometimes even when food is involved, Sadie won't leave the bed for fear of losing her spot.

Annie and Sadie celebrated their 1 year birthday last weekend.  The dogs had a party complete with humongous bones.  A good time was had by all.

Coco, arguably the smartest dog on the planet, doesn't have a lazy bone in her body.
Cindy Lou - "Is this picture taking stuff really necessary?"


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