Sunday, March 4, 2012

A Vintage Wooden Tooblox

I came across an old wooden toolbox that a lady was wanting to sell.  It had a great shpae, but was made of plywood, which I'm not fond of.  Still, it had possibilities.

I painted it green and added a chalkboard area.  I kept it at home long enough to create a pattern to make another.  My hubby wanted the ones we make to be a little different.  The bottom wouldn't show in front.  It would be completely tucked inside.  I got another tool lesson and we built another one.  My cutting was a little off and I made the two ends a little taller than I intended.  The next one will be shorter.

I'm keeping the one we made.  It's in our family room on top of an armoire.  I'd like another for the porch and another in my loft.  I could think of lots of places to use them.  I could even make one to go in the bathroom to hold toilet paper! 

I don't have photos of the one we made and am too lazy to go take them.  I'll be making more soon.


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