Thursday, March 8, 2012

My Favorite Sign So Far - The Ball Mason Jar

I love, love, love my latest sign.  It's a large picture of a vintage blue Ball Mason Jar.  Someone said it reminded them of an Andy Warhol painting... sort of like his Campbell's Soup painting.  My hair is looking a bit like his these days, too.  Ha! 

The idea of painting any two wood signs alike doesn't appeal to me, but if this one sells, I may have to make an exception.  I was torn about even putting it up for sale.  I'm hoping to create more signs soon - enough to fill the walls of my booth.  Then I'll bring this one home!

By the way, I can't take full credit for the artwork.  I used a picture of a jar I found on Graphics Fairy to create this.   That sight can lead to all sorts of wonderful projects!

Here's another I finished this week -

It's a little smaller and easier to handle.  On the downside, it was just as much work as making a large sign, but I won't get as much money for it.  Bummer.  These are not quick projects.  On this one, I particularly liked the font for EGGS.  My least favorite part are the circles.  Handing painting a smooth circle is not easy!  Will I ever master that brush???    I'll pretend that it adds to the charm and hand-painted folk art look.

Update:  I decided I couldn't let the ball jar sign go.  I love it too much.  It's now on my marigold cupboard.

Linked to Funky Junk Interiors Saturday Nite Special party - the topic is mason jars!!!


  1. These signs are awesome! Specially love the mason jar. It is a bit Andy Warhol looking.

  2. Your signs are wonderful! For the circles, you might try a paint pen and compass. Or if the circle is too large, find a bowl or tupperware lid to trace. After years of decorative painting, I finally came up with an easier way to "paint" circle outlines. If you want to use a brush, remember to always pull the brush toward you. Hope the tips help, but really I like your signs as they are!

  3. OHHH!!! I just love your Mason Jar sign!!! That would look wonderful in my farmhouse kitchen!! :0)

  4. Hello! Just wanted to let you know that I will be featuring this project on the front page of (a new submission-based website) for my Looksi Takeover day featuring my favorite mason jar projects from around blog land! :) The project will linked back to your site. I hope you will check us out and maybe even submit a few projects as well!


  5. LOVE!!!!!!! Pinning! You also are invited to link up with Give Me The Goods {1 party, 4 blogs!}

    Dimples & Pig Tales

  6. AnonymousJuly 26, 2013

    hi i would love the direction for this sign.
    -Tammy Beer

  7. Ohmyheavens, can I get one of those mason jar signs? I LOVE it!! I wish I was talented enough to figure out how to make my own. It's beautiful!!

  8. Please, oh please, paint another Ball painting.... or even a print... whatever. J'adore!

  9. I'm one of the hundreds stopping by from Ball Canning's Facebook page ... love this sign and have share with my Facebook fans as well! Love it! And I completely agree that you had to keep it. It's a keeper!!!

    :) Linda

  10. I love the Mason Jar sign. I realize as an artist ~ you might lose your "thrill" painting many of the same subject. BUT...if you decide $$$$ could "thrill" your artistic passion please let me know. I am not artistic in any way but I totally respect your feelings. FYI ~ ;>} ~ my house is tomato-ish red, gold, blue and some grey...and I could find a GREAT spot to display your sign! I love the size. Regards, Beverly Blevens

  11. I would love to have one too!

  12. I need this Ball sign and would love to email you the reason why... contact me at Please paint another or make prints available...

  13. I would love to paint the ball sign. What size is this sign and do you have a diagram that I could go by. Is it painted with acrylic and what color blue is the jar. You can email me at Thanks



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