Thursday, March 22, 2012

New Blog Header

I had a snow scene on my blog header and it had to go.  Georgia pretty much skipped over winter and we are sailing through Spring.  Everything is blooming or has just finished blooming.  A film of yellow pollen is covering everything.  I'm wearing shorts and walking around barefooted.  A snow scene wouldn't do.

I had nothing in mind for a header - just wanted a change.  I'm into signs right now and decided to play around with a bold sign-like header.  I started with a stark black and white. Well, it certainly was an attention getter.  I also made it a bit too large.  

I re-sized it, softened the corners, took out the swirls and changed the background color.  It's better.  I could no doubt improve it, but it's my bedtime.

I do like the picture of my loft inside the letter F.  It's a photo from 2008 before anything was in the room.

I like change, so I suppose I'll leave it this way for awhile.


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