Friday, March 23, 2012

Sewing Theme Vignette

I put together a pretty sewing vignette in my booth at Rockin' B.  I had been thinking about this one for a little while. 

I was supposed to build the top for the sewing machine base myself.  Rudy was giving me lessons.  Truthfully, he pretty much did it.  In the midst of the lesson - just when he was going to show me how to put on the sides - I got a phone call.  When I got back, he'd finished it.  It's super sturdy.  We both liked it so much that we would have liked to have kept it.  I just didn't know where we could use it. 

I love my newest wood sign - a vintage sewing machine drawn in silver over a black background.  This is another sign that I secretly hope doesn't sell.  One day, I'll run out of room for my signs and I'll have to bring some home.  This one will go in my loft!

The machine in the sign is incredibly similar to the real sewing machine I have for sale in my booth.  I paid too much for the real one - it was pretty and I lost my mind. The price was great if I were planning to keep it, but too much to resell.  When it sells I won't make a dime, but it sure looks great in this vignette.

If it never sells, I am considering turning it into a lamp.  I think that would be pretty amazing, but since the machine is in great condition, I feel like I'd be breaking a "vintage code of honor law" to mess with it.  There are some things you just shouldn't re-purpose.  Is this one of them?

You can also see my blue and white booth sign in the photo above.  At Rockin' B, many of us are moving away from just being a number (I am 188).  We are literally and figuratively making a name for ourselves!


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