Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Anytime Table Centerpiece

Just because I'm being a stick in the mud about holiday decorations this first Christmas as a widow, doesn't mean I have given up on decorating altogether.  I just don't want to pull out holiday decorations with memories attached.  Today, I came up with a table centerpiece I actually like.  It would work with most holiday decor AND it won't have to be put away in January.

I started with a large vintage silver tray.  That was an amazing yard sale find.  I got it for a song.  It sells for big bucks on Ebay.  I did not polish it.  In the to polish or not to polish debate, I fall clearly on the do not polish side when possible. I only polish when there's a glaring stain. That old patina is fabulous.

Next I pulled out some old milk jars in various styles and sizes.

I added cuttings from a tea olive bush. I need to go back and trim a few of them again.  In a week or so, I may change to holly or flowers.   I'll probably keep changing until I'm ready to change to a whole new look.

The arrangement in the first photo worked fine, but then I added tiny lights, as shown in the second photo.  The photo doesn't do it justice.  

The string of lights are wonderful.  They are teeny-tiny.  The cord is a copper wire, which means you can bend them this way and that, plus they look pretty.  The lights have an on-off switch and you can even use them on a timer.  I haven't used them enough to figure out how long the timed setting lasts.  One more thing about these lights - you can use them under water.  They could really add a whole new dimension to a vase of flowers.

I bought my lights at a local store, Collector's Corner (in Sharpsburg, GA).  You may be able to find them online as well, but I don't have info on the brand.

After adding the lights I tried adding a collection of rocks and minerals, but it took away from the simplicity.  My collection was multi-colored.  If I had used only quartz rocks or something similar, it might have been nice.  On the other hand, the lights reflecting on the tray is really nice.

By the way, if I had kids around, I would definitely pull out the holiday decorations.  I don't, so this year, I'll keep things simple and focus on the other aspects of Christmas. I'm keeping busy, too, going to parties and get-togethers and lunching with friends.   Since I'll be able to see so many other people's decorations, I won't actually be missing out.  It's really only MY decorations I don't want to see.


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