Friday, December 18, 2015

Becoming Fierce

I'm becoming fierce!  When my husband died, my life fell apart and all the plans we'd made crumbled. I had no choice but to quickly start figuring out how to live the rest of my life.  Life is unpredictable.  My life might end tomorrow.  I might live to be 100.  I want whatever time I have left to be good. All of it.  Even NOW, in the midst of grieving.  Life should not be put off for someday.

I've come up with five resolutions to help me become fierce.   All I need to do is raise one finger at a time to remind myself of them all.

Little Finger - Have a Little Fun Every Day, More if Possible
I'll make the best of every chance I have to connect with true friends and family for a bit of fun!  Maybe our work ethic lessons were wrong.  Maybe we should have fun first and work during whatever time is left.

Ring Finger - Push Myself
It's really hard to raise the ring finger on its own, but give it a push and it goes right up.  I will push myself.  I will do more, expect more, and dream bigger.

Middle Finger - Eliminate or Reduce What Doesn't Bring Me Joy
This one is all about telling a few things in my life to GET LOST.  I will look for ways to do less of what is not fun or beneficial.  I'll spend less time on social media.  The old bit, if a little is good, more is better, does NOT apply to social media!  I'll get serious about reducing clutter. I'll spend less time with people who are toxic, negative, or enjoy drama.  I won't accept being mistreated or belittled.   What's left will lead to a more joyful life of substance.   In my old life, I never would have posted a photo of my hand in this position.   The gesture may be crude, but it makes it easy to remember this resolution!  

Pointer Finger - Take Care of Myself First
Taking care of myself is my number one priority.   In order to do all the things I need to do, I need to be in the best shape possible. I can't afford to be sick or weak.   I have no back up. No matter how many people love me and offer to help me out, in the end, there's truly only one person I can depend on  - MYSELF.  I will eat right, exercise, rest, be happy, reduce stress...   I will look out for my health, safety and well-being.  I will be strong.

Thumb - Trust Myself Completely.  I'm Good.
I'll ask for advice when I need it, but I will make my own decisions.  I'm the only one who truly understands my situation and circumstances.  I don't need confirmation or approval. I'm good on my own.  I'm not seeking companionship.  I need time to become strong on my own.    My life can never again be what it was with Rudy.  I plan to make a new life with the new person I'm becoming.

The more I practice these resolutions, the more fierce I will become.


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