Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Was I Walking or Swimming?

Rain again.  The ground is saturated. But since I'm clearly obsessed dedicated to to getting fit, I got in my morning walk.  I started out convinced that my outfit would hold up to the drizzle.  A few minutes into the walk, the heavens poured a waterfall on top of my head.  I was COMPLETELY soaked.  I had to go in and change.  I admit, at this point, there was a bit of potty language going on and maybe some mumbling to myself about joining a gym.

The second time out, I carried an umbrella.  It was a hassle to carry, but I quickly got over that.  I found my happy place and the rest of the walk was fun.  I felt the kid in me coming out.  In my younger days, before cute shoes were a concern, I loved stepping in puddles.  Today, I was wearing rainboots, which are surprisingly comfortable, so puddles were no problem.  At first I acted like an adult and dodged them, but soon found myself going right for them and possibly acting a bit silly. Acting silly is so much more fun than being sensible.

Walking was slow.  There were many slick muddy spots, so I had to be extra careful.  This walk was way more strenuous than dry weather workouts.  I'm thinking about complaining to Fitbit.  I think there should be a way to earn bonus step points for hazardous walks.  I didn't get nearly as many steps today as I would have liked, yet the workout was very good!  Surely, my extra efforts were worth a 1000 step bonus, right?

One more funny bit - I was getting close to the end of my walk and it started to thunder.  I will walk through rain or snow, but I have a healthy respect for thunder and lightning.  Naturally I was at the far end of the property and had to make a run for it.

George: Why are we doing this again?

We now, apparently, have a creek on the property.

The pond is overflowing... again.

This spot was a muddy, slippery mess.

The water was rushing through this spot.  I had fun walking right through it.

By the way, I am planning to get a rainy weather walking outfit asap.  It's great to have a good excuse for buying a new outfit!


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