Thursday, April 1, 2010

A New Design for My Life

When we first moved, I wanted a part time job. I am a retired teacher and my pension is decent, but we needed a little extra while trying to sell our house. My plan was to work about 15 to 20 hours a week, 2 to 3 days a week. That was my plan, but that's not how things worked out. I let my plan get away from me. My life revolves around my work with not enough time or energy for much besides "chores".

The key point in the paragraph above is that I let my plan get away from me. I can't blame this one on fate or say that God meant me to do this. I'm pretty sure I'm the one who dropped the ball.

I read an article yesterday about the true cost of working. There are expenses you take on when you work - gas & transportation costs, lunches, extra money spent on food when you are too tired to cook, childcare (I don't have to worry about that one), clothing, office gifts and more. There are online calculators to help you figure out what you truly make. It's pretty interesting.

I have continued to think about the cost of working.  The "costs" that are bothering me most cannot be input on a calculator. You cannot put a price on things you miss.

I miss time with my family.
I miss sunlight and vitamin D.
I miss having time and energy to have fun while I cook and clean.
I miss having time and energy to play and visit with friends.
I miss sleeping well and waking up with a smile on my face.
I miss wearing my comfy at home clothes.
I miss moving around all day.

Last but not least, I miss moving towards the creative life I want. I have postponed that life over and over and over. 

I plan to enjoy my job through the tax season (I work in an accounting firm) and make the most of working with people I have come to love - I have great bosses and great co-workers. But, after tax season is over, I plan to become the designer of my life again.  I will be retired again.  Anything I do involving making money will be for myself.

To celebrate my new life, I bought new flowers.

This photo does not do them justice.  They are so vibrant and amazing.  Usually I go for flowers that look like you picked them from your backyard or a field, but this time I chose some that made quite a statement.

I also put out a new quote. I keep a frame in my kitchen for quotes.  I change the quotes often to suit the season and/or my mood.
This quote may not be the perfect one to define my new life, but it's pretty darned close.  I intend to enjoy life again... to really live it with purpose and joy.  It's hard to tell from this photo, but the credit for the quote goes to Hans Christian Anderson.  That seemed fitting.  The master of fairy tales is providing me with a bit of inspiration.  Once upon a time... we lived happily ever after!


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