Thursday, April 22, 2010

A Lifetime of Medals

Rudy's oldest sister, Linda, and her husband, Carl, have been working on a major project for some time.  Linda sent off for her father's war records.  That was not easy and it took ages, but she finally hit the jackpot.  She received a large stack of papers detailing all of my father-in-law's army records. The records are amazing, but it takes a lot of reading and research for a civilian the information.  It's fascinating.   He served all over the world through World War II and the Korean War.  He went through some horrific things.  No one is ever the same after going through a war.

Linda gathered medals and dog tags and patches and more and put them together in a case as a tribute.  It has turned out very nice.  By the way, the bullets in the case are the ones that were wrapped up in the flag presented at his funeral.  She has the flag in a nice case of its own.

As you can see by the medals, he went through a lot.  Every time I think of him, I can't help but think of all he went through.  The medals are meant to honor bravery and acts of courage, but I can't help but think how each experience must have also taken away a bit of his heart and soul.  Sad memories are hard to keep at bay. 


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