Monday, April 19, 2010

Desk Space - Adding a Pretend Hutch

I've changed my desk space... again.
The wood shelf was not working and I have been thinking of finding a hutch or something similar to use in that spot.  But would a hutch be exactly what I need?  I wouldn't want to invest in one only to find I didn't really like using it. 
Then I realized I had an easy to move piece that would let me try out the hutch idea before buying one - my metal etagere!  It's shaped similar to a hutch with deep shelves at the bottom and smaller up top.   The height of the main shelf is a little lower than a hutch would be, but it's close enough for me to use it as a test piece.

The picture below shows everything taken apart.  This is the stage where I always wonder, "What have I done?" 
It was all worth it.  The whole area has a cleaner look and it functions better.  I still don't have the perfect containers or a pretty to look at space, but I'm a step closer.
I love how everything I need is within arms reach. 
There is a small rolling shelf just to the right of the etagere.  I found it for 2 bucks at a yard sale this weekend.  When it's time to do my husbands bookkeeping, I can roll it to my left.  I need to use it for a bit to see if I truly like it.  If I decide it's a keeper, I'll probably paint it.

Oh, and I think I have decided what I want to use for my desk - a vintage formica table!  How fun would that be?

They can be be pretty pricey, but I sure do love them.  

You can actually buy the vintage look Formica now. I considered using the lime green in my kitchen, but lost my nerve.  But a bright red formica table as my desk - mmmmmm... perfect.  I'd better start saving!

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