Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Early American? Me?

I'm not sure what is happening, but I keep running across Early American pieces of furniture that work for me.

The first piece I found was this end table.  The size and shape work great.  It's sturdy and functional.  It's NOT a style I'm in love with, but I think it has possibilities.  A paint job is coming soon.  Maybe I'll love it then.  I'm thinking of painting it an accent color - red maybe?  Or robin's egg blue.  I don't have anything in the room that color, but for some reason, I keep picturing that table in that color.  I may go for it.  I never liked following rules that seemed unnecessary.  And I definitely have a hard time sticking to a color scheme.

I found these dining chairs at a thrift store.  They, too, are heavy and sturdy, plus they are comfortable.  I wasn't in love with the look, but with a little paint...  The only problem is, I can't decide what color to paint them.  Red? White? Black? Cream?  Tan?  Black would look good, but I think I'm leaning towards cream.  That could change tomorrow.

I have been looking for family room chairs with a back and bottom cushion that I could slipcover.  Since I live with cats and dogs, slipcovers are a necessity.  I want chairs with simple cushions that I can recover easily anytime I want to update the look.  It's also important to me that the chairs be comfortable.  I've been looking without success for ages.

This past weekend I found this set at a garage sale.  I wasn't looking for the stool, but it's a pretty comfy addition.  The chair is very heavy and well made.  Again, the style wasn't perfect - I had pictured a chair with simpler lines, but this one has possibilities.  If I later find a more attractive chair, I can move this one.  I have a number of places where it would work.

I'm pretty sure I'm going to paint it cream.  Before I decide for sure, I'm going to pick out my fabric.  Hopefully the fabric will be what gets noticed first.

I don't know a lot about this style of furniture. I don't know for sure if it's Early American or Colonial or something else. The pieces I keep finding are maple.  They are all heavy and sturdy.  The have turned legs.  They are comfortable, well-thought-out, functional pieces.  They seem to be taking over my home.  I think it's "a good thing".  Time will tell.  Actually, paint and fabric will tell!


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