Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A Whistful Wednesday

What grabbed my attention today?  All sorts of things.

Most of the day was spent in the garden.  Pam came over to help plant beans.  We also planted a few rows of corn and some companion flowers - nasturtiums and zinnias and marigolds.  It's an added bonus that flowers have a purpose in the garden. 

When Dad started furrowing rows for the corn, I grabbed my camera. 

There was something about the moment that seemed special.

This vase is from a recent yard sale excursion.

I'm loving it more and more.  I can't wait to put hydrangea cuttings in it.

And finally, I spent my Pike's Nursery gift certificate. 

I bought two Gardenia bushes for the east side of the house.  That's the side we come and go from the most and I want it to look pretty. 

I'll always think of these as Penny's Gardenias


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