Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Garden Layout

This is the plan for our summer garden. I think you can click on it to see a larger version.  We have it all marked with garden labels, but having the plan on paper is a good backup.  There's always the possibility that our dog Jack will find the labels a fun thing to take off and hide.  Plus, it's nice to compare what we do from year to year.

This plan is more involved than needed.  I'm aware that instead of being impressed, most people just shake their heads and wonder why I went to such trouble.  But, for me, I'm faster and better on the computer than by hand.  My hand version is a mess and by next year, it would seem like hieroglyphics.

Today we planted cucumbers...

and peppers.

The string and fencing and so forth is our way of letting Jack know what areas to avoid.  So far, it's working. 

Sweet Jack is doing his part with the garden.  He's letting the deer know that this year they need to dine elsewhere.

I feel sad for the deer, but since we're in the country, there's plenty of other things for them to eat.

And woo-hooooo!  The corn is coming up.  Last year our corn wanted to fall over so we're trying a different technique this time.  My dad found it online.  I'm not sure what site he went to, but the method on this site is similar:

Plant corn in 4- to 6-inch furrows, firming the seeds and covering them with 1 to 1 1/2 inches of soil. Once the seedlings emerge, fill in the furrow with another 2 inches of soil, being careful not to cover up the plants. As the corn grows, hill the soil around the stems by adding another inch or two of soil every week. 

Adding soil keeps out weeds and gives added support to the stalks. This early soil support anchors the plants and helps them stay upright, even in high winds. By keeping weeds down, corn can grow tall and healthy without competition for food and water. Because the roots are deeper than corn planted on level ground, furrow-planted corn often needs less watering. 

That sounds like it should work to me, but then, I'm not exactly an experienced gardener.


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