Monday, May 31, 2010

Let There Be *More* Shelves

I came across a bunch of wire shelving at a church yard sale a few weeks ago.  This weekend, I put those to good use.  And... I checked off two more things on my To-Do list.

I have a big pantry.  After living for years with a kitchen with almost no storage, I overcompensated in this house.

My pantry has a number of wire shelves already in place.  One day, the wire shelves will be replaced by pretty cabinets and wood shelves.  I can picture the look I'm after... one of these days.   For now, these will do nicely.

In the pantry, the space above my microwave and breadmaker were empty. 
They were just begging for shelves. 

I added shelves over the freezer. There was room all around the pantry above the highest shelves.  I added one more row all around.  A bit more rearranging is in order.

As if the pantry weren't enough, the next day, I did a shelf makeover on my husband's closet.  

I still have a few shelves left.  They will have to wait. All of this leaning over a step stool, holding a 2-ton, monster drill has taken a toll on my back.  If I had a cane, I'd look just like this: 


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