Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Yes... It's Tacky. But Just Wait.

I have gotten started again on the landscaping.  This time the focus was on the east side of our house, around the side entry.

Please don't judge me by how this area looks now.  IT'S TACKY!  The dogs didn't understand that this area is special.  I've had to put an unattractive barrier all around until things are established.  As you can see, the cats don't let it stop them, but they don't trample plants like our dogs do.

I planted a couple of gardenias.  They are blooming now and the smell is wonderful.  These should get to be about 4ft x 4ft.

I found the cement planted at an estate sale recently.  I planted heather in it.  Hopefully, it will get larger and be covered with pretty lavender blooms all summer.

There is a corner area that connects.  One day, this area will be dominated by a large, spring-blooming camellia.  I tried to find one without success.  So, I'm rooting one.  I'll probably be old and senile by the time it gets large enough to match my vision.

Meanwhile, I'll use this area as a starter spot for lots of perennials.  It could be fun.  It sure doesn't look like much now.

Here are some things I'm getting started:
  1. Heuchera - It's supposed to be fine anywhere from full sun to shade.  I had this inside over the winter.  It was looking great.  I made the mistake of putting it straight outside without giving it time to adjust.  
  2. Knockout Roses - I rooted two of these.  They are tiny but doing well.
  3. Gaillardia - This is a perennial that I have no experience with.  It's pretty and should multiply each year. Sounds good to me!
  4. Daisies - I hope these multiply like crazy.  I love using these as cut flowers.
  5. Lantana - I have the tall Miss Huff in one spot and these shorter mounding ones.  These yellow ones are called gold mounding or something like that.  They are sold as annuals but most people around here have pretty good luck with this variety coming back.
  6. Camellia - These are the ones I'm rooting.  They are holding their own.  But.. if I were to come across an established bush just like I want, I'd move these little babies in a heartbeat!
  7. I have a plant hanger in the middle of this grouping.  It has two hanging baskets of geraniums that I kept going over the winter.  They are a little leggy.  I trimmed off a couple of stems and stuck them in the dirt last week.  They are still going!
And now.  Oh my.  I'm going to show you how it looks.  It's so unattractive.
I've used all sorts of mismatched items to form my barrier.  The plants look so insignificant.  It's not a space that will win any awards.  BUT... one day it will be nice.  The plants will grow and fit the space.

Plus, we will be adding a skirt all around the house between the brick columns.  That should make a huge difference!  We've looked at all sorts of options. My favorite look is one that I saw 2 years ago on a tour through a nearby neighborhood. The wood slats look very simple and don't call attention.  I certainly don't want the area under our porch to be a focal point! When I look at my new flower bed, I picture it with these slats in the background and it seems so much nicer!

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