Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Training My "New" Kitchen Curtains

I guess I have to admit that I am fickle. 

It hasn't been all that long since I made kitchen curtains from some vintage fabric that belonged to my grandmother. I posted about them here.  I liked that they added some color to the kitchen.  But, there were some negatives.  They were hung from a shower tension rod which sagged in the middle.  It was temporary.  

I wasn't certain I wanted curtains.  It was a good trial.  I learned that I did want curtains, but I didn't want them hung inside the window.  Which, brings me to the second negative - they ended up blocking my husbands view when he stood at the window.  He's about 8 inches taller than me.  When I decided on the length of the curtain, all I thought about was blocking the early morning sun while I stood at the sink.  Oops. 

The fabric was interesting.  It was vintage.  It was sentimental - I adored my grandmother.  But, I don't think I want to live with it year round.  The colors are very Christmas-y, so maybe I'll bring them back out in December.  Maybe.

All this had been on my mind, but it wasn't at the top of my list to change.  But, then....  at a yard sale last weekend...  I found two matching Ballard runners in a really pretty cream and moss green check. In perfect condition.  Two dollars.  Hello.  So, I bought a curtain rod and made the change.

The runners were a just a little thick and didn't want to hang and look "casual".  I had to train them to be casual. Is that an oxymoron?  

   First, I strategically clipped them with clothespins.

 Then, I steamed them and fluffed them a bit as I removed the pins.

Voila! Casual kitchen curtains.

I love the rod.  The curtains hang higher - above everyone's view - and they make the windows look even larger.  Plus, with the clips, it will be so easy to swap curtains anytime I please.  Remember?  I told you I was fickle!


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