Monday, November 29, 2010

Ode to the *Faux* Mantel

I don't have a fireplace or a mantel in the house, but hubby has a fabulous vintage one in the barn.  Go figure.  In order to get my mantel fix for the holidays, I need to browse online.   Luckily, there's a lot of faux mantel inspiration out there.

Just because you don't have a fireplace, it doesn't mean you can't have a mantel.  Years ago, I might have snubbed my nose at them, but now I find their quirkiness very appealing. I even have a few ideas about how to make them useful.  Maybe one day, I'll jump on the bandwagon!  

Faux Fireplaces as seen on Growers Daughter
 As for decorating a mantel for the holidays, one look that is very appealing to me is a mantel trimmed with things from nature.
Vignette Designs did a wonderful post on Decking the Halls with Fresh Greens and Flowers

from Happy to Design

I've already posted once about the faux fireplace from Jaime on Caught in Grace.  She now has it decorated for the holidays!
I love Jaime's quirky chalkboard fire!

How pretty is this!  Six old boards.  Wow.  - as seen on The Little Apartment
 She was inspired by this (me, too):
from Dreamy Whites
By the way, after browsing a bit on the Dreamy Whites blog, it was hard to get back to this post. I love the look she's created in her home.  I love that it's not completely white.  Bits of vintage looking color is everywhere.

Maybe a mantle isn't needed.  A fabulous shelf can 
be decked with holiday trimmings.

Peg Rack - from Country Sampler Magazine

I also write a blog for Rockin' B Antiques - the shop where I rent my booth.  I have written a post with inspiration for decorating mantles for the holidays. There are LOTS of really pretty pictures there, so take a look!
Be sure to check out the latest RE- Party!
We RE-do, RE-decorate, RE-organize, RE-pair,  RE-upholster, RE-furbish, RE-finish, RE-purpose,  and of course, we love to RE-lax! 
This party celebrates the RE-'s in our lives! 

Take a look at these other wonderful link parties for more clever ideas.  
I'm linking this post with them!


  1. Love all the inspirations!!!

  2. Thanks for all the inspiration photos. I just love some of them, and I've really been missing the mantle we had in our old house. No fireplace in this one, so no mantle. But this may be the right idea!

  3. I think you showed us some great inspirational photos- some that I've never seen before. Crack me up on the hubs having a vintage fireplace mantel in the barn! ~ Sue

  4. I love faux fireplaces just as much as the real deal. Gorgeous pics.

  5. Mantels just add so much charm to a room. Love these.

  6. I would do the exact same thing if I didn't have a mantle! I love them too much!!

  7. What a wonderful collection of mantels! Seriously fabulous. I love all of them for their own unique flavor.

    Thanks for linking up! Perfect. :)


  8. I made a small faux mantle for my bedroom in less than two hours... it was so worth it!



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