Monday, July 12, 2010

An Old Wagon from Uncle Clyne

Rudy's Uncle Clyne will soon be 90 years old.  He had around 100 acres but sold it.  He now lives on 5 acres of it. He has some farm things that he no longer needs.  One of them is this wonderful old wagon.

The chassis and wheels are Army surplus items - from around WWII era. Clyne got it sometime in the 1950's. The chassis had been an Army ammunition carrier that was pulled by a jeep.

These tires are that old.  Think of it. A good 60 or 70 years old and still holding air.  The tires would be very dangerous to change.  They have snap rings, which haven't been used for years.  And they are pretty big - almost as big as the tractor tires.

Rudy remembers "helping" Clyne build the wagon about 46 or 47 years ago.  Rudy wasn't really a big help - he'd hand Clyne the wood or little things like that.  Still, this wagon has great sentimental value.

The sideboards are made to come off so that if you want to use this as a flatbed wagon, you could.  Rudy said he can shut his eyes and remember Clyne using a hatchet to shave the ends of the support boards so they'd fit into the chassis.  The sideboards are made of pine, but the supports are oak - very hard to nail into.

It was hard to get off the trailer.  It was quite heavy. 

Rudy plans to store it under the lean to on the barn.  He will be using it.  Too bad.  I think it would look pretty under some big trees in the yard loaded with pots of flowers. Rudy said there's no way!!!

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  1. Love the wagon and the story that goes with it! So glad y'all are keeping that piece of your family history!

  2. Did you ever read Mike and The Steam Shovel? Well this is like that. Let the wagon keep working until it can no longer work then give it purpose in your garden. What a piece of family history! Thanks for sharing.

  3. What a wonderful wagon with wonderful memories! I'm so glad you are keeping it in the family. I agree with Kari. the way that wagon is holding up, some day, when it can no longer be used to carry something, it can hold flowers in the garden. laurie



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