Saturday, July 10, 2010

Scott Antique Market - July

I made another visit to the Scott Antique Market with my friend, Martie.  It's in Atlanta once a month.  I posted more details about it in June. This month, we only made it through one building and I saw lots more things that I fell in love with.  And surprisingly, the prices were really good on the things I loved most.  I usually fall for things way out of my price range.

I took photos along the way, but I am still remembering a few things I wish I had photographed.  The booths I was drawn to all had the most friendly people.  Maybe that's why it took us so long to get through.

Here are the things/booths/people I was drawn to, booth by booth, in no particular order:

Booth 1:
The Spence Collection, Sarah Williams, Enterprise AL, (334) 393-3438,

Ohhhh... I loved these planters.
I immediately had visions of turning them into 

Then I spotted these teal metal pieces.  
The bucket even has a lid which fits down inside.

Booth 2:
Hot Peppers, Birgitta Wade, Walterboro, SC, (843) 599-4593,

Imagine this on a big, long wall.  
It's hard to tell in the photo, but it's nice and chippy.
Birgitta had lots of great ideas for it.

The hanging lights.  Oh my. And the shutters.
 She had the shutters in a chippy off white, too.

Booth 3 - Magnolia Pearl.  Hello!  I didn't get a card from them and I even made a purchase. (cuss, cuss)
But they did say that they are located at Woodstock Antiques & Consignments in Ackworth, GA.

 Here, one of the ladies is putting something back in the cage
because I had bought what was there.  I show my purchases in my next post.

Booth 4: Mended Ways, Stevens, PA, (717) 336-0998, Wendy Christie
I posted about the Mended Ways booth in June.  Last month, the booth colors were neutrals and blues.  So was her outfit.  This month, Wendy had neutrals, with lots of black & golds.  Once again, her wardrobe matched.  She said she didn't mean to do it, but it always seemed to happen.  The photos don't do justice to her booth.  Wendy has a real talent for display.  Plus, she's such fun to talk to.  She didn't think she was going to be back til October, but she changed her mind last week. She's also going to do the Pride of Dixie show in August.  It's a bit further for us, but we might have to check it out.

Martie and Wendy

Wendy made pincushions from old glass candlestick holders and chenille.
They were very well made.  

One of my favorite things were these Pear cans.  
I should have bought some.  
They are reproductions, so hopefully, she'll have them with her at a future show.

I would love to see Wendy's house.  I'll bet it's amazing.

Booth 5: The Gardener's Gate, Susan McDanal, (404) 402-3083 - she's local

Check out her cute card
I purchased 2 items from here.  I could have bought more. She had lots of things I was drawn to.  She said she'd already sold tons of the things she brought with her. I would have loved to have seen it early because what she had left was fabulous.

Check back tomorrow to see what I bought.  I left the house sure as could be that I was only browsing.  I took money just in case, but truly... I wouldn't buy a thing.  Well, I bought 6 things... but I only spent $66.  That's not too bad.  And I love everything I bought.  My only regrets are a few of the things I didn't buy.

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